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Free $5 Gift Card. $5 free for a friend too.

I use this site to buy Krispy Kreme, Chili’s, Texas Roadhouse, TGI Fridays and more. Now you can get $5 free for signing up and buying something within 30 days. Example: Chili’s is 14% off right now, so your free $5 is worth $5.70. That’s almost a free lunch.

You can buy cards any time using the app, track balances, and use the cards via the app.

Walking in to a restaurant? Check the app. Use the card right away. I’ve done it!

Refer a friend and get another $5 and they get $5 when they make a purchase within 30 days of signing up. It’s freeeeee…get a raise.

Click ole’ Abe

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Links to Flash/Black Friday Sales

These are often the best deals on the site.

UPDATE 3 Nov 2018: Early Black Friday Deals at Amazon:

Daily Amazon Gold Box Deals-=>

Lightning Deals: -=>

Kindle Countdown Deals: -=>

BONUS: Ebay daily Deals(I didn’t know they had a link to all of them 🙂 )

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Vanilla Caramel Ice Cream Protein Powder: Yum!

It’s harder to find a caramel flavored anything because caramel is made from sugar. Difficult to get that flavor right. But this is TASTY. Even with just plain ice and water.

I liked it enough to buy a 5lb bag of it after my initial smaller bag.

It’s also great in small quantities to add to chocolate flavor shakes for example. Add peanut butter or powdered peanut butter and you’ve got a healthy version of a Snickers shake.

Think of this also as a ‘topping’ for banana, etc. Banana Split protein shake becomes possible.

The other big thing I like is it has a blend of fast, medium, and slow digesting protein types so it helps during recovery with a fast digesting protein, then feeds your muscles over time with other forms.

Also unusual about this supplement is how finely it’s powdered. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it. It’s also very dry. It pours out of the bag almost like a liquid. So your shake won’t be gritty and the fast proteins will digest even faster.

Get some PB2 while you’re at it:



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Better Tasting Well Water Filter. And It’s great for Night-time Sips

I got this because my well water doesn’t taste as good as it should. I use it multiple times a day and night in the bathroom because my whole house isn’t filtered.

In the kitchen, I use the refrigerator filter.

Plus, I fill it once and it’s ready to use multiple times for those night bathroom trips. Funny how the wife never fills it up…

If you want to save money, get the two pack and use the other for travel and at work vs. buying bottled water. It makes a big difference in removing chlorine.

Fun tip: most bottled waters are processed tap water anyway.



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AG13 LR44 357 A76 Button Cell Batteries for 9 cents SHIPPED: CHEAP!

$4.79 shipped for 50 of them. You’re gonna pay that for 2 or 3 in the store. I just got a set. Tiny device/car remotes, cat lasers, toys, etc.

They are taped down in the tray and Prime eligible and fulfilled by Amazon so you don’t have to wait.

At this price, if you use a few you’ve made money.


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Cheap Aerogarden Harvest Grey Color $77 shipped

I got a repackaged one on Amazon that will be about $77 shipped if you have Prime and use the store card or credit card with 5% back.
Cost effective? Dunno but I expect to do okay as long as it’s fed and watered…which should be easy since it tells you and the lights are automated.
Seeds are guaranteed…so it leaves little to chance.
Best of all: no dirt, bugs, etc…all that garden crap.
Will update when I get my first salad out of it. Probably grow 1-2 of each thing. Lettuce, tomato, cheese, and crouton plants.

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No Commission Stock Trading and a Free Stock for Signing Up. No Minimum.

Normally we just do Amazon stuff but since this is such a good deal and fun to play….and you might get a share of Amazon so I guess it kind of applies.

Well, we’re talking about Robin Hood, of course. No commissions, no minimum to sign up. The app is slick.

Sign up with this link and get a free stock.

Wife put $21 in her account and got a Groupon share for it. I got a share of GE for referring her.

Do it on date night while you’re waiting for your table or movie. 🙂

Oh: when you get your free stocks it let’s you do a little scratch off game. Beats the snot out of the Lotto; everyone wins.

Here’s a list I’ll try to keep of what I’ve gotten. It’s random. Might be Ford, Apple, who knows…

I / Wife have gotten:

GE, Zynga, Groupon.

More to come.

Please use my link so I can keep paying for my hosting:

Domain renewal is coming up so help me out. 🙂


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Inexpensive HDMI Switchbox that works with Harmony Remotes

I have the white version and it works well.

You might ask: why do I need this if my TV has optical output and a bunch of HDMI ports?

  1. It gives you a physical switch to switch between devices. The box can be more easily accessed.
  2. You’re out of inputs.
  3. You want to pass thru a soundbar and control it and other devices that don’t have CEC. Then all devices pass thru one cable and this box.
  4. Use a Harmony Remote (We reviewed one here) to control an HDMI switchbox. This works with Harmony remotes.

It’s a lot easier IMHO to have a Harmony control the box inputs for activities than to use Alexa to change the TV inputs. You’re probably want a Harmony either way. This box has one additional input and sits on under my TV if I need to press that button to change inputs. My TV only has three, so if I added any other sort of device I’d be out of inputs. So, this will give me 3 more net inputs.

Use our link to make your purchase or the searchbox above. It’s how we buy toys to review, boys and girls.

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Mac Pro SSD Sled Adapter: Sabrent BK-PCBS Mini Review and Install Notes

I think my main SSD is in the Newertech version, but this is just as good for the price. Easy great fit. You’ll have no problems with it.



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A Good But Cheap Ab Wheel from Amazon with bonus item

I just got this one. It was about the cheapest on Amazon with Prime, and it came with a bonus mat for your knees.

$7.49 shipped (as of this writing)…practically free.

Or maybe use it as a mousepad. Or a pool floaty for your hamster.

Can’t wait for ab day! Incorporating this old school gear will be fun. And it’s a good shoulders and arm stretch too.

Comfortable foam handles that look durable. Thicker than some I’ve seen.

Visit me on Facebook:


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Got a Nissan Leaf with the 3G Carwings upgrade? This car battery anti-corrosion treatment might help

I’ve got a 2011 with the 3G Carwings upgrade and like many, it has connectivity issues. The theory is insufficient voltage. I have a 12V battery that is only a few months old. So that’s not it.

I do find that my terminals corrode a little. I live in Houston, which probably doesn’t help with the high humidity we have.

To that end, I decided to get a good treatment put on it. So far, it’s working.

And you can’t really lose here. It’s a good preventative treatment. So try it.

First, you’ll need a battery cleaning brush.

This will clean the terminal and post.

Then, here’s the treatment I used. You just put the felt ring around the post, resecure it, and spray it. Simple.

Here’s a tip: the Leaf uses a 10mm nut on my model year.

Need a tool set? Might as well get on. I keep a small one in my car.

Tons of those here for about $30:

Where will you put that little toolbox? I got a storage bin for the Leaf for the hatchback which is probably one of the most useful add-ons I got. They’re not cheap but they work so well. It was worth the money.

Ok, one last thing: you want more range in the winter time, so if you don’t have heated seats, here’s a cheap solution: A heated seat cushion. Amazon Search here:

I splurged and got a massaging on also because it turned out to also be cheap. Just the thing for enjoying yourself in traffic.

Tech note: you can only run ONE of these off the cigarette lighter or it will blow the fuse. If you measure the current, you MIGHT be able to run two on a low setting but that’s going to vary by seat. The Leaf current should not run over 16 amps, as the fuse is 20, IF I RECALL CORRECTLY. So be careful how much you plug in, here. Once I melted the solder connector in the socket.

That story is here.



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Wyze Cam Pan Review. Best and Cheapest WiFi Camera Ever? With: streaming, recording, panning, motion tracking, sharing, infrared night vision for $40?!

(Reminder: Use the ‘Buy From Amazon’ button to put it in your cart as you read the review for later retrieval.)

Wow. I love this camera.

It’s nuts how much it does for under $40.

Pans up, down, and 360 degrees automatically or under app control. Streams or records on a micro SD card. I have a 32GB and it’s good for about 3 days. If you need more than that, click this link:

This is a good brand and it’s $7.


What Else Does It Do?

Pretty much everything.

Night vision, mounts hanging or upright (simple app setting will invert video if you hang it), tracks motion, pans to points you set via the app, records audio and you can talk over it via a speaker on it using the app, records playback or streaming to your phone during viewing, and snaps photos from the app during viewing. You can share the camera and other people can view it. You can record in 360p, SD, and HD (1080p)

Power is via micro USB.

MAYBE the only drawback is it doesn’t do cloud storage.

Oh, we have this mount. And as of this writing there’s a coupon!

If you need a Wifi repeater, for example if your camera is in a barn, then click here to shop: I recommend one with the external antennas. You won’t need the fastest, but an Ethernet port might be nice if you re-use this for an entertainment center or remote PC without Wifi, etc. in the future.

Tip: once when I was doing the firmware, it took several hours. Let it go and don’t be tempted to cycle the power! Or wait. I think a lot of people were downloading it at the same time.

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