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Free $5 Gift Card. $5 free for a friend too.

I use this site to buy Krispy Kreme, Chili’s, Texas Roadhouse, TGI Fridays and more. Now you can get $5 free for signing up and buying something within 30 days. Example: Chili’s is 14% off right now, so your free $5 is worth $5.70. That’s almost a free lunch.

You can buy cards any time using the app, track balances, and use the cards via the app.

Walking in to a restaurant? Check the app. Use the card right away. I’ve done it!

Refer a friend and get another $5 and they get $5 when they make a purchase within 30 days of signing up. It’s freeeeee…get a raise.

Click ole’ Abe

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Links to Flash/Black Friday Sales

These are often the best deals on the site.

UPDATE 3 Nov 2018: Early Black Friday Deals at Amazon:

Daily Amazon Gold Box Deals-=>

Lightning Deals: -=>

Kindle Countdown Deals: -=>

BONUS: Ebay daily Deals(I didn’t know they had a link to all of them 🙂 )

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A Good But Cheap Ab Wheel from Amazon with bonus item

I just got this one. It was about the cheapest on Amazon with Prime, and it came with a bonus mat for your knees.

$7.49 shipped (as of this writing)…practically free.

Or maybe use it as a mousepad. Or a pool floaty for your hamster.

Can’t wait for ab day! Incorporating this old school gear will be fun. And it’s a good shoulders and arm stretch too.

Comfortable foam handles that look durable. Thicker than some I’ve seen.

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Got a Nissan Leaf with the 3G Carwings upgrade? This car battery anti-corrosion treatment might help

I’ve got a 2011 with the 3G Carwings upgrade and like many, it has connectivity issues. The theory is insufficient voltage. I have a 12V battery that is only a few months old. So that’s not it.

I do find that my terminals corrode a little. I live in Houston, which probably doesn’t help with the high humidity we have.

To that end, I decided to get a good treatment put on it. So far, it’s working.

And you can’t really lose here. It’s a good preventative treatment. So try it.

First, you’ll need a battery cleaning brush.

This will clean the terminal and post.

Then, here’s the treatment I used. You just put the felt ring around the post, resecure it, and spray it. Simple.

Here’s a tip: the Leaf uses a 10mm nut on my model year.

Need a tool set? Might as well get on. I keep a small one in my car.

Tons of those here for about $30:

Where will you put that little toolbox? I got a storage bin for the Leaf for the hatchback which is probably one of the most useful add-ons I got. They’re not cheap but they work so well. It was worth the money.

Ok, one last thing: you want more range in the winter time, so if you don’t have heated seats, here’s a cheap solution: A heated seat cushion. Amazon Search here:

I splurged and got a massaging on also because it turned out to also be cheap. Just the thing for enjoying yourself in traffic.

Tech note: you can only run ONE of these off the cigarette lighter or it will blow the fuse. If you measure the current, you MIGHT be able to run two on a low setting but that’s going to vary by seat. The Leaf current should not run over 16 amps, as the fuse is 20, IF I RECALL CORRECTLY. So be careful how much you plug in, here. Once I melted the solder connector in the socket.

That story is here.



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Wyze Cam Pan Review. Best and Cheapest WiFi Camera Ever? With: streaming, recording, panning, motion tracking, sharing, infrared night vision for $40?!

(Reminder: Use the ‘Buy From Amazon’ button to put it in your cart as you read the review for later retrieval.)

Wow. I love this camera.

It’s nuts how much it does for under $40.

Pans up, down, and 360 degrees automatically or under app control. Streams or records on a micro SD card. I have a 32GB and it’s good for about 3 days. If you need more than that, click this link:

This is a good brand and it’s $7.


What Else Does It Do?

Pretty much everything.

Night vision, mounts hanging or upright (simple app setting will invert video if you hang it), tracks motion, pans to points you set via the app, records audio and you can talk over it via a speaker on it using the app, records playback or streaming to your phone during viewing, and snaps photos from the app during viewing. You can share the camera and other people can view it. You can record in 360p, SD, and HD (1080p)

Power is via micro USB.

MAYBE the only drawback is it doesn’t do cloud storage.

Oh, we have this mount. And as of this writing there’s a coupon!

If you need a Wifi repeater, for example if your camera is in a barn, then click here to shop: I recommend one with the external antennas. You won’t need the fastest, but an Ethernet port might be nice if you re-use this for an entertainment center or remote PC without Wifi, etc. in the future.

Tip: once when I was doing the firmware, it took several hours. Let it go and don’t be tempted to cycle the power! Or wait. I think a lot of people were downloading it at the same time.

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The Cheapest and Best Logitech Harmony Universal Remote…with On Screen Display and Help. Works with TiVo!

It’s an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ item. Generally those are a great option and it’s true here.

I just got this and it was a super easy setup. My non-techie wife uses it. The best part: if something isn’t on, or configured correctly, there’s a fairly decent ‘Help’ function that walks you thru things.

I use it with my TiVo Series 3, and it works well for that. There’s a bit of a ‘learn the buttons’ process in some cases but overall for $30, I’m pleased!

The setup software still works fine on my Mac under OS X 10.13 All you do is install the software, plug the remote into your computer, and it walks you thru the process with simple questions. If you mess up, just edit the settings. You don’t have to do it all over again.

My list of devices that it works with:

Tivo Series 3, Sony Amp, Apple TV 4, some no-name HDMI switchbox, Sceptre TV, Roku 3.

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Mauer Sports Nutrition Dark Chocolate Strawberry Protein Bar Review

Here’s my review video. Never had one before. It DOES have strawberries in it and other fruit flavors. I liked it.

The texture reminds me a bit of the Seitenbacher bars, which I also like.




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How to Connect your Atari 2600/7800/Commodore/Vic-20/Colecovision/Classic Game system to HDTV

It’s deceptively simple. And costs under $6 for TWO connectors. Click on the silver connectors below to order.

Even if you have an old TV to connect to, YOU WANT THIS because that old switchbox delivers less signal to your TV. This will give you the best picture without modification of your game system.

All this does is eliminate those old switchboxes you can’t hook up any more.

Remember these?

Keep it for posterity, but not to play your games!

Get this:

All you have to do is screw this into where the cable would go and plug the jack from your system in.

NOTE: This is NOT for use with a typical Yellow RCA plug.

The yellow plug is called composite. The Atari 2600 etc. output a different type of signal. It’s basically a TV station signal on channel 2 or 3, typically. That’s why this connector goes into the tuner coax input.






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Wii and other game consoles are not in color, only in Black and White on my Sceptre (or other) LED / LCD TV

You probably have it plugged into the component input, which is the same PHYSICAL plug for component and composite.

You have to use the TV menu to switch to (usually) the ‘AV’ (for Sceptre) input if you have the very common yellow plug going in to the TV.

If you look where it plugs in, the printed label shows a half green/half yellow circle. That means it’s the same plug for both YPbPr and the yellow single plug (composite) that most devices used.

Same plug, different menu choices. Your input labels on the onscreen menu may be slightly different.

Did this help? Bookmark this page and use the Amazon search box when shopping on Amazon. We get a commission for your purchases.

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Cheap WiFi and Alexa Compatible Smart Plug: $5.99!

Use code ‘YQSSDV6Fwhen checking out.

I have one I connected to an outside light on a storage building. Building has power. This was a cheap way to control the light to see what the heck the dogs are barking at, light the yard before I go out, etc.


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