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Win $10 and $5 Amazon Gift Cards Free, And a mystery item

This contest is SO OVER but click here to enter the new one.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

So here are the angles for those of you who like gamesmanship:

Will you enter for the $5 cards instead of the $10, figuring everyone will do entries for that? Or the mystery item figuring it’s the least popular? Will you come back every day? Will you enter for all of them or just one? Will you tweet, which gets you TWO entries, or be lazy and just visit on Facebook?

Decisions, decisions.

Instructions: The arrows scroll through the prizes. If you tweet or follow, make sure you fill out the box as applicable so the entry is verified.

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Well, here’s the short story.

I didn’t want to do the old html site any more with FTP and all those 90’s era technologies. And my other two sites are WordPress. So here we are.

It will look better, I can do more stuff, and all that.

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