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George Foreman Mini-Review…and fitness and money saving tips!

Best reason to own: plates are removable and the non-stick makes it a quick wash by hand or they can be put in the dishwasher.

Ok, here’s the deal: this is really fast for thin meats like fish and split chicken breasts. It reheats or cooks a single layer of french fries to a CRISP. Grilled cheese and the like are quick and crispy. Veggies like asparagus and onions do well.

You know those limp soggy fries from restaurant leftovers? It will make them potato chip crispy if you want, and it even removes a spoonful of oil or two from them! Of course, enjoy in moderation.

Fitness is 70% diet. So here’s how to save time and eat better: SIMPLE meal prep.

Get a bag of chicken breast and or fish. Get a can of Tony Chachere’s Cajun seasoning.

Put the meat on the grill. Sprinkle the seasoning on. Flip it after a few minutes. Sprinkle the seasoning on the other side.

Cook enough for a few days. Microwave some potatoes and grill some veggies with the chicken. Store the veggies and chicken together in a big bowl so the flavors merge.

When you want to eat, just put some on a plate and microwave it. I guarantee you will lose weight just by cutting junk and eating better protein and carbs. Carbs aren’t bad! Too many and the wrong kind are what is bad! A small potato will fill you up and take a while to digest.

Of course, since it cooks thin meats so quickly, you can put the veggies on alongside and cook it all fresh in a few minutes if the meat is thawed. I recommend cooking 5-6 potatoes in the microwave and then storing them in the fridge.

Want more zing? Try some popcorn seasoning and a little coconut oil on the veggies. 

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Oh, and get a set of rubber coated tongs so you don’t scratch it.


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