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Razor Blade Variety Pack Mini-Review

First off, I know there’s a lot of hipster activity with double edge safety razors. I’m not that guy. I will admit to there being a certain ‘manliness’ aspect.

BUT there are some logical reasons to use one.

  • You can pick a razor handle that you like. Different weights, lengths, grips, blade angle, etc. And the one I have is very affordable.
  • You can obviously pick different blades. There is of course many types from stainless to platinum plated…I’m sure some rapper will start selling gold coated blades.
  • Environmentally, probably better. The handle will last forever. Mine is chrome and brass. Steel blades will just rust away.


What you need:

First, get some Altoids. Why? Use the box to put the old blades in. Wrap it a few turns with duct tape before you throw it away.


Pick a razor handle. The Van Der Hagen is what tons of people start with. I have the long handle version.

Click here to put that in a new window before you read on: -=> Van der Hagen

The blades that came with it were decent, but the next thing I bought was the variety pack of blades.

Yes, that’s EIGHTEEN CENTS per blade. If you’re blonde or have light hair, the shave butter and a good blade might let you get away with shaving every other day. I have this:

So there you have it. I’ve been really pleased with the results and price. And the fun of customizing something.

Congratulations to me: went the entire post without mentioning a baby’s “you know what”.

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  1. Rob Bullock says:

    Update: I stopped using shave cream. If you are blonde and use sharp blades (they’re cheap remember) you can get away with water alone. Really.

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