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How to Get Your Ebates Money on Old Orders and Orders that Didn’t Track

If you don’t have Ebates get it: Get the Safari/Chrome browser plugins too so you get reminded. I’m up to over $250 back.


Certain ad blockers can interfere with the cashback.

Two things to do:

  1. Consider not installing an Ad Blocker on a web browser you use less often. Use that browser for Ebates. I use Safari.
  2. If you forget, go to this link: and put in the order info. I’ve gotten IMMEDIATE cash back that way, even from months-old orders. As in I got it as soon as I submitted the info, it popped up saying the money was added.
  3. Google how to whitelist Ebates in your ad blocker. Since that varies wildly, I am not going to list it here at this time.


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