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Practically Free Bluetooth Sport Headphones

Update: These went out of stick quick. Click this button to put them in your cart for when they come in stock: 



I got mine in and am super pleased. I’ve paid way more (not hard to do) but gotten way worse headphones. I did add the foam type tips. With those the noise isolation is excellent and the bass IMHO is improved.

The bass is fine for most listening. I tried the old school classic: marrs pump up the volume and it’s medium bass without distortion. Most people would be fine with it with some EQ tweaks.

I like the standard micro USB port for charging. Thanks for being non-proprietary! It has a small rubber flap to cover it.

Very comfortable with the stock ear hooks. Easy to forget they are in.

Get a pair!

$5.99 is a ‘Just Get It’ price.

The non-refurb versions are $39.99

Refurb sometimes means ‘excess stock’ or if you’re lucky ‘new, because a lot of people ordered and we ran out of refurbs’. Or it’s in bulk packaging. Or ‘New model out, so…mark it as refurb.’

I’d recommend some memory foam type earbud tips, or a variety pack. I like foam because it isolates noise better and makes them far less likely to fall out:

Review to follow!

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