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MAONO AU100 vs. Blue Eyeball vs. Logitech C910

Watch the video to hear sample audio from each source.

These are all inexpensive mics. I think it’s obvious which one to get. IMHO.

There’s also a dual mic option but the recording you get will obviously be combined from both mics, so you can’t separate it later. That may be useful for a ‘man on the street’ type interview. But I’d strongly consider just getting two and using a camera for one recording and a cellphone for the other.

The mic has a switch for this purpose: it’s powered (camera, laptop, etc.) or unpowered (cellphone etc.).

Another idea would be to just clip the mic on a stick or pointer for a handheld mic. I was playing around with a chopstick. It’s thin so the alligator clip worked well on that. Or a telescoping pointer would work.


The cord is plenty long enough, 20 feet, for almost anything you’d want to do. It has a velcro strip attached for storage.

While you’re at it, pick up some extra LR44 batteries for the power.

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