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bObSweep Pethair mini review: Way better than Roomba IMHO

Short story: had about 3 roombas. All dead with battery and/or other issues. bObSweep had some issues as it was an Amazon Warehouse deal IIRC. bObSweep, the company, still took care of me and replaced it with what appeared to be a new one. Resulted in all sorts of extra parts.

They’re Canadian, so they’re nice. 🙂

It’s easy to work on, out of warranty parts are user replaceable and orderable.

Haven’t done much but dust it out with canned air and clean the filters and such. Will buy again. Had it a couple years at least.

Cons: no infrared walls, you just have to make a physical barrier somehow. Gets stuck in stupid places but you can figure out how to stop that. Mainly, declutter your house or put some obstacle to bOb there.

Plus: has a UV light so it actually destroys biological stuff on your floor.


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