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How to Connect your Atari 2600/7800/Commodore/Vic-20/Colecovision/Classic Game system to HDTV

It’s deceptively simple. And costs under $6 for TWO connectors. Click on the silver connectors below to order.

Even if you have an old TV to connect to, YOU WANT THIS because that old switchbox delivers less signal to your TV. This will give you the best picture without modification of your game system.

All this does is eliminate those old switchboxes you can’t hook up any more.

Remember these?

Keep it for posterity, but not to play your games!

Get this:

All you have to do is screw this into where the cable would go and plug the jack from your system in.

NOTE: This is NOT for use with a typical Yellow RCA plug.

The yellow plug is called composite. The Atari 2600 etc. output a different type of signal. It’s basically a TV station signal on channel 2 or 3, typically. That’s why this connector goes into the tuner coax input.






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