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The Cheapest and Best Logitech Harmony Universal Remote…with On Screen Display and Help. Works with TiVo!

It’s an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ item. Generally those are a great option and it’s true here.

I just got this and it was a super easy setup. My non-techie wife uses it. The best part: if something isn’t on, or configured correctly, there’s a fairly decent ‘Help’ function that walks you thru things.

I use it with my TiVo Series 3, and it works well for that. There’s a bit of a ‘learn the buttons’ process in some cases but overall for $30, I’m pleased!

The setup software still works fine on my Mac under OS X 10.13 All you do is install the software, plug the remote into your computer, and it walks you thru the process with simple questions. If you mess up, just edit the settings. You don’t have to do it all over again.

My list of devices that it works with:

Tivo Series 3, Sony Amp, Apple TV 4, some no-name HDMI switchbox, Sceptre TV, Roku 3.

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