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Wyze Cam Pan Review. Best and Cheapest WiFi Camera Ever? With: streaming, recording, panning, motion tracking, sharing, infrared night vision for $40?!

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Wow. I love this camera.

It’s nuts how much it does for under $40.

Pans up, down, and 360 degrees automatically or under app control. Streams or records on a micro SD card. I have a 32GB and it’s good for about 3 days. If you need more than that, click this link:

This is a good brand and it’s $7.


What Else Does It Do?

Pretty much everything.

Night vision, mounts hanging or upright (simple app setting will invert video if you hang it), tracks motion, pans to points you set via the app, records audio and you can talk over it via a speaker on it using the app, records playback or streaming to your phone during viewing, and snaps photos from the app during viewing. You can share the camera and other people can view it. You can record in 360p, SD, and HD (1080p)

Power is via micro USB.

MAYBE the only drawback is it doesn’t do cloud storage.

Oh, we have this mount. And as of this writing there’s a coupon!

If you need a Wifi repeater, for example if your camera is in a barn, then click here to shop: I recommend one with the external antennas. You won’t need the fastest, but an Ethernet port might be nice if you re-use this for an entertainment center or remote PC without Wifi, etc. in the future.

Tip: once when I was doing the firmware, it took several hours. Let it go and don’t be tempted to cycle the power! Or wait. I think a lot of people were downloading it at the same time.

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