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Got a Nissan Leaf with the 3G Carwings upgrade? This car battery anti-corrosion treatment might help

I’ve got a 2011 with the 3G Carwings upgrade and like many, it has connectivity issues. The theory is insufficient voltage. I have a 12V battery that is only a few months old. So that’s not it.

I do find that my terminals corrode a little. I live in Houston, which probably doesn’t help with the high humidity we have.

To that end, I decided to get a good treatment put on it. So far, it’s working.

And you can’t really lose here. It’s a good preventative treatment. So try it.

First, you’ll need a battery cleaning brush.

This will clean the terminal and post.

Then, here’s the treatment I used. You just put the felt ring around the post, resecure it, and spray it. Simple.

Here’s a tip: the Leaf uses a 10mm nut on my model year.

Need a tool set? Might as well get on. I keep a small one in my car.

Tons of those here for about $30:

Where will you put that little toolbox? I got a storage bin for the Leaf for the hatchback which is probably one of the most useful add-ons I got. They’re not cheap but they work so well. It was worth the money.

Ok, one last thing: you want more range in the winter time, so if you don’t have heated seats, here’s a cheap solution: A heated seat cushion. Amazon Search here:

I splurged and got a massaging on also because it turned out to also be cheap. Just the thing for enjoying yourself in traffic.

Tech note: you can only run ONE of these off the cigarette lighter or it will blow the fuse. If you measure the current, you MIGHT be able to run two on a low setting but that’s going to vary by seat. The Leaf current should not run over 16 amps, as the fuse is 20, IF I RECALL CORRECTLY. So be careful how much you plug in, here. Once I melted the solder connector in the socket.

That story is here.



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