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Inexpensive HDMI Switchbox that works with Harmony Remotes

I have the white version and it works well.

You might ask: why do I need this if my TV has optical output and a bunch of HDMI ports?

  1. It gives you a physical switch to switch between devices. The box can be more easily accessed.
  2. You’re out of inputs.
  3. You want to pass thru a soundbar and control it and other devices that don’t have CEC. Then all devices pass thru one cable and this box.
  4. Use a Harmony Remote (We reviewed one here) to control an HDMI switchbox. This works with Harmony remotes.

It’s a lot easier IMHO to have a Harmony control the box inputs for activities than to use Alexa to change the TV inputs. You’re probably want a Harmony¬†either way. This box has one additional input and sits on under my TV if I need to press that button to change inputs. My TV only has three, so if I added any other sort of device I’d be out of inputs. So, this will give me 3 more net inputs.

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