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No Commission Stock Trading and a Free Stock for Signing Up. No Minimum.

Normally we just do Amazon stuff but since this is such a good deal and fun to play….and you might get a share of Amazon so I guess it kind of applies.

Well, we’re talking about Robin Hood, of course. No commissions, no minimum to sign up. The app is slick.

Sign up with this link and get a free stock.

Wife put $21 in her account and got a Groupon share for it. I got a share of GE for referring her.

Do it on date night while you’re waiting for your table or movie. 🙂

Oh: when you get your free stocks it let’s you do a little scratch off game. Beats the snot out of the Lotto; everyone wins.

Here’s a list I’ll try to keep of what I’ve gotten. It’s random. Might be Ford, Apple, who knows…

I / Wife have gotten:

GE, Zynga, Groupon.

More to come.

Please use my link so I can keep paying for my hosting:

Domain renewal is coming up so help me out. 🙂


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