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Practically Free Bluetooth Sport Headphones

Update: These went out of stick quick. Click this button to put them in your cart for when they come in stock: 



I got mine in and am super pleased. I’ve paid way more (not hard to do) but gotten way worse headphones. I did add the foam type tips. With those the noise isolation is excellent and the bass IMHO is improved.

The bass is fine for most listening. I tried the old school classic: marrs pump up the volume and it’s medium bass without distortion. Most people would be fine with it with some EQ tweaks.

I like the standard micro USB port for charging. Thanks for being non-proprietary! It has a small rubber flap to cover it.

Very comfortable with the stock ear hooks. Easy to forget they are in.

Get a pair!

$5.99 is a ‘Just Get It’ price.

The non-refurb versions are $39.99

Refurb sometimes means ‘excess stock’ or if you’re lucky ‘new, because a lot of people ordered and we ran out of refurbs’. Or it’s in bulk packaging. Or ‘New model out, so…mark it as refurb.’

I’d recommend some memory foam type earbud tips, or a variety pack. I like foam because it isolates noise better and makes them far less likely to fall out:

Review to follow!

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How to Get Your Ebates Money on Old Orders and Orders that Didn’t Track

If you don’t have Ebates get it: Get the Safari/Chrome browser plugins too so you get reminded. I’m up to over $250 back.


Certain ad blockers can interfere with the cashback.

Two things to do:

  1. Consider not installing an Ad Blocker on a web browser you use less often. Use that browser for Ebates. I use Safari.
  2. If you forget, go to this link: and put in the order info. I’ve gotten IMMEDIATE cash back that way, even from months-old orders. As in I got it as soon as I submitted the info, it popped up saying the money was added.
  3. Google how to whitelist Ebates in your ad blocker. Since that varies wildly, I am not going to list it here at this time.


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Nugo Slim Vegan Crunchy Peanut Butter Review

For some reason at the time of this posting, this flavor isn’t on Amazon. So I can only link to the flavors they do have: Nugo Slim Vegan Bars on Amazon

Click the link to see if it’s available.


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Razor Blade Variety Pack Mini-Review

First off, I know there’s a lot of hipster activity with double edge safety razors. I’m not that guy. I will admit to there being a certain ‘manliness’ aspect.

BUT there are some logical reasons to use one.

  • You can pick a razor handle that you like. Different weights, lengths, grips, blade angle, etc. And the one I have is very affordable.
  • You can obviously pick different blades. There is of course many types from stainless to platinum plated…I’m sure some rapper will start selling gold coated blades.
  • Environmentally, probably better. The handle will last forever. Mine is chrome and brass. Steel blades will just rust away.


What you need:

First, get some Altoids. Why? Use the box to put the old blades in. Wrap it a few turns with duct tape before you throw it away.


Pick a razor handle. The Van Der Hagen is what tons of people start with. I have the long handle version.

Click here to put that in a new window before you read on: -=> Van der Hagen

The blades that came with it were decent, but the next thing I bought was the variety pack of blades.

Yes, that’s EIGHTEEN CENTS per blade. If you’re blonde or have light hair, the shave butter and a good blade might let you get away with shaving every other day. I have this:

So there you have it. I’ve been really pleased with the results and price. And the fun of customizing something.

Congratulations to me: went the entire post without mentioning a baby’s “you know what”.

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One comment so far, What do you have to say?

Seems stupid, but I will search until I find mine! Plus: Save Turtles with it.

I cut 6 pack plastic holders before I trash them. The pointy part will slit plastic straws, and of course it’s great for boxes and those plastic clamshell packages. I keep it in the kitchen drawer and I will search for it like a long lost lamb if I have to! It’s that handy.


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Free $5 at Amazon


Bought mine this morning. 🙂


  • In order to qualify for the promotional credit, you must: (1) be an Prime member; (2) click the yellow “Click to add the code to your account” button or enter the promotional code “GCPRIME18” in the “Gift Cards and Promotional Codes” box when you check out; and (3) purchase at least $25 in qualifying Gift Cards in a single order at beginning 12:00 p.m. (PT), July 16, 2018 and ending 11:59 p.m., July 17, 2018 (PT).
  • For qualifying purchases, a promotional credit of $5 will be automatically applied to the Prime account that was used to purchase the Gift Card(s) within two (2) days after the qualifying order has been completed or, where applicable, the order has shipped.

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Amazon Prime Day Free Trial

Click here to add it to your calendar.

Get the trial, get the good deals, and get out. Or stay. I’ve been a member for YEARS. Which is a bit of a reason I started this website.


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Amazon Echo Dot Mini-Review

Update: 16 July 2018

You can use these as a bluetooth speaker, which I did not know. Even the Dot. So you can listen to anything with it, not just Amazon stuff.


Let’s say right off the bat I tend to buy electronics after they are not new anymore when the deals are better. And full disclaimer: I bought my Echo Dot for $20 brand-new In the box from a neighbor.

The Echo SECOND generation is out now for $50. But add it to your cart by clicking the image below and keep checking the price because they go on sale a lot.

If you’re ready to buy, as of now, there are two refurbs in the Amazon warehouse for under $25 shipped SO USE THIS LINK INSTEAD

For $25, it’s a buy at that price just to be able to ask the time, set alarms, reminders, set the Nest thermostat temperature, ask what the inside/outside temps are, etc. Have your kids go ask Alexa instead. It will also tell them a bedtime story.

I also yell at it: “Alexa, play some music!” from time to time. She knows what I like.

Works great with Nest to set the temperature!

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George Foreman Mini-Review…and fitness and money saving tips!

Best reason to own: plates are removable and the non-stick makes it a quick wash by hand or they can be put in the dishwasher.

Ok, here’s the deal: this is really fast for thin meats like fish and split chicken breasts. It reheats or cooks a single layer of french fries to a CRISP. Grilled cheese and the like are quick and crispy. Veggies like asparagus and onions do well.

You know those limp soggy fries from restaurant leftovers? It will make them potato chip crispy if you want, and it even removes a spoonful of oil or two from them! Of course, enjoy in moderation.

Fitness is 70% diet. So here’s how to save time and eat better: SIMPLE meal prep.

Get a bag of chicken breast and or fish. Get a can of Tony Chachere’s Cajun seasoning.

Put the meat on the grill. Sprinkle the seasoning on. Flip it after a few minutes. Sprinkle the seasoning on the other side.

Cook enough for a few days. Microwave some potatoes and grill some veggies with the chicken. Store the veggies and chicken together in a big bowl so the flavors merge.

When you want to eat, just put some on a plate and microwave it. I guarantee you will lose weight just by cutting junk and eating better protein and carbs. Carbs aren’t bad! Too many and the wrong kind are what is bad! A small potato will fill you up and take a while to digest.

Of course, since it cooks thin meats so quickly, you can put the veggies on alongside and cook it all fresh in a few minutes if the meat is thawed. I recommend cooking 5-6 potatoes in the microwave and then storing them in the fridge.

Want more zing? Try some popcorn seasoning and a little coconut oil on the veggies. 

Did I mention I do fitness videos at Subscribe for free.

Oh, and get a set of rubber coated tongs so you don’t scratch it.


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Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi Mini-Review

$140 for a 3 pack? No wonder it’s an ‘Amazon Choice’ item. This took a tiny bit of resetting and fiddling to get all three set up but once I did it’s been rock solid.

I have one upstairs acting as an internet gateway connected directly to my router, with a TM-AC1900 for legacy WiFi connected to that, one next to my TV for the TiVo, etc. and one in the computer room with a TL-SG1005D gigabit switch connected to that for my Mac mini server etc.

Knock on wood, the whole network has been rock solid.

I can’t test network speed that well to the world since I live in the country and only have a 30mbit or so connection. But the stability has been AWESOME.

For this price, Amazon and I agree: get a 3 pack.

Remember: we get your support when you buy using our links.

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